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Puerto Morelos

I’m back!

Well, I should say I’m back to my blog, but not back in Mexico. When I returned from my trip in June, I transferred to a different department at the university, so I’ve been immersed in that and couldn’t think much about blogging.  Things have calmed down after three months, though, and I can finally get back to the trip, so I’ll pick up where I left off…in Puerto Morelos.

I started off with a late lunch at Pelicano’s which sits right next to the beach with a nice view.

I had what I think was called the Chicken Vera Cruz, which was very good.  I am always amazed at the amount of food they give you in Mexican restaurants.  I think I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve finished a whole meal down here…especially when the temps go up and my appetite goes down.

Here’s looking in the other direction from my table…

There are actually two PoMo’s.  There is another one on the other side of the highway where most of the natives live.  I’ve never been to that one, but next time I’m here, I’ll make a point to visit.  I’ve noticed on travel sites that more rooms and houses for rent are becoming available there, so I think it may be getting more popular with tourists on a budget.

The PoMo where I stayed is definitely the more “upscale” one.  Even though it covers a small area, there are many nice homes here.  I would venture to guess that most are owned by foreigners who rent them out to travelers.  A lot of these homes have unusual doorways and every one is different.  I love the big dark rich wood doors.




A colorful wall…

On my first trip to Puerto Morelos, I took a lot more pictures of the homes.  If you want to see those, you can visit my old blog here:

Many of the homes have courtyards beyond the entry ways.  Everything is so lush and green and all the plants and flowers seem to flourish down here.

It is rare that you don’t see some kind of vining or trailing flowers that grow from the sidewalks or cover the walls that surround the homes.


I’m a big Hibiscus fan, and these grow all over the Yucatan like weeds and get to be huge bushes.


Another one of my favorites is the Plumeria.  What a pretty color.

I like the guy taking a siesta.  I want one of these.  It would be difficult to take one on the plane, though.  I’d have to buy another seat.

Here’s the new location of The Little Mexican Cooking School.  I took a class at their previous location back in March of 2010 and it was a lot of fun.  This place is much bigger so they must be doing well!

I looked inside the courtyard…what a beautiful front porch.  It reminds me of a southern plantation.

If you want to see my experience at the cooking school, it’s on my old blog at

There are quite a few condos in PoMo…both on and off the beach.  They are kept up very well and also have lush vegetation which makes them so much more attractive.


And these are some condos and homes from the beach.  None of these are hotels.  You have to go quite a bit up or down the beach to find the resorts.  They’re not within walking distance of the town.


This beach area is quite wide and they keep this part pretty clean of seaweed.

It is not nearly as clean by the crooked lighthouse where the little fishing boats are kept.

The first time I went to PoMo, there were no beach vendors.  Now there are a few but not many.

And they do have the roving musicians.  For the life of me, I don’t know how they walk around in the sand in those long sleeved shirts, jeans and boots when it’s 300 degrees.


I think a lot of Mexico Mexicans come to PoMo for vacation.  That’s who I mainly saw when I was here this time.  They bring their families and little children and spend the day on the beach.


Life is good in Puerto Morelos.

More soon!



Another visit to Puerto Morelos…

Before I go on to more posts about Merida, I’m going to do a little one about Puerto Morelos.  Since my plane got in after 8:00 p.m., I decided to make my first stop Puerto Morelos because it’s not that far from the Cancun airport…about a 20 minute drive.  As I’ve said before, PoMo is a quiet little place…very peaceful and laid back.  The downtown area is only one square block with a few places down some side streets.  It’s definitely nothing close to Playa del Carmen or Isla Mujeres.  But it has its group of fans.  There are many Canadians and Europeans who spend weeks to months here because of its tranquility and solitude.  Another good thing about PoMo is that it’s convenient to get to other places along the coastline.  It’s about two miles from the main highway and a 20 peso taxi ride.  The bus stops right at the highway, so it’s easy to go either direction.  The locals live on the other side of the highway and the coast side is mainly owned by foreigners who either live there or rent out their residences.

Here’s PoMo’s quaint little lighthouse…

Only small boats are allowed on the beach due to the protected coral reefs offshore.

The main pier…

This is the main lighthouse that actually works.

View from the pier…

And looking the other way…

These guys were making the rounds of the beach, but no one seemed to be bothered by them.  They’re just protecting Mexican waters…

My first breakfast was at Pelicanos with a great view…

And of course I had to get Huevos Motulenos.  These were 90 pesos…definitely the highest price I’ve paid for this dish, but I guess you have to take the view into consideration.

This is Habaneros…the only bar in town.  It gets pretty hopping at night and if you have a room at the Posada el Moro just down the street, be prepared to hear the music late into the night.  (A little warning, though…watch out for their Margaritas.)

This is el Pirata…a nice little place to eat.

Their nachos were pretty good.  The vegetarian enchiladas last time I was here were better, though.

A fisherman brought it some of his catch while I was there…blue crab and shrimp…

These guys roam the streets and beach looking for customers eager to hear a song…

Saw them again later on…

You don’t see a whole lot of little children in PoMo.  Mostly Mexican families, but few foreign children (at least the two times I was there).

Gotta love that pacifier…

PoMo tourists consist mainly of retired folks…in their 50s and 60s.  You don’t see many young people at all.

This crazy place is located right next to the Posada el Moro and they were working on it last year when I was there.  Obviously, they’re still working on it.  The desk clerk from the hotel told me they’ve been working on it for four years now…and it still doesn’t look anywhere near being finished.

Fascinating place, though.  The woodwork is incredible and every door and window is different.  I would definitely like to see it when it’s finished…which might be in ten years or so.

PoMo is definitely worth a visit in my humble opinion.  If you’re into adventure and fun, I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you’re looking for a place to kick back and relax with no agenda, PoMo will fit the bill.

A little bit of this and that…

Like I said in my first post, I just went to Isla to relax this time.  I never even made it to the south end of the island or to the colonias.  Just wanted to see this…

I read three books while I was there.  I picked this one up at Almendros…

It was just an average murder mystery, but imagine my surprise when I found out I was one of the characters!

Crazy, huh?!?  I figure it was a sign that I was meant to move to Isla.  But then again, I would use anything to serve as a sign that I need to move to Isla…like, “The sun rose today…it must mean I need to move to Isla!”  Haha!

This is kind of a random post on different things.  I took a total of 869 photos while I was there, so it’s been a job of organizing them for my blog.  One of the things I always notice when I’m walking around the island is how so many of the buildings change color from one trip to the next.  It’s like a never-ending kaleidascope of colors.

From this…

To this…

From this (these are the houses at the north end of Hidalgo)…

To this…

Some of them aren’t always good changes, but that’s okay.  You can figure that it’ll be different the next time, anyway.

Here’s the new big palapa at Buho’s…very nice for if it rains!

And I don’t remember seeing these street signs on Hidalgo before…

Here’s a new little place on Hidalgo which I never got the chance to try out.  Man, those colors POP, don’t they??  Bring your sunglasses!

I tried this new place which is on the other side of the street from Almendros and down a little bit towards the north end…

I had a roasted red pepper salad.  It was okay…those roasted red peppers should have been cut up a little…they’re were very rubbery and hard to chew.  Just a warning…this place is pretty expensive.

I also tried this place which is on Medina across from Minino’s.

I had the chicken fajitas which were very good.  I felt sorry for the businesses on this side of the street because of the construction.  I’m sure no one would want to sit at the outside tables with all the dust and construction noise.  I would definitely go back, though.

I went through La Luna just to check it out.  I’ve never been there, but they are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I looked at a menu, but they seemed expensive compared to other options on the island.

Nice colors, but the outside section seemed kind of worn.  I can imagine how hard the salty sea air would be destructive on furniture.  It was kind of cool and breezy the whole week I was there, so I never saw anyone here.

And I walked by the Privilege Aluxes and the Cafe del Mar Beach Club across the street many times during the week and saw maybe a couple of people there the whole time.  Maybe they get a later crowd, but I honestly don’t know how that place stays open.

The little bar on the pier in front of Sergio’s is really cute, but they never served anything from there while I was on the beach.  People used it for a good photo op sitting on the swinging bar seats, though.

I took a picture of this a year ago…it’s a place for rent on Hidalgo.

Well, it’s still for rent and the blue paint has faded a bit.  I can understand why it’s still for rent…I don’t think there’s a roof over the place.  If you look above the crack in the door, you can see sky.  I’m thinking they might have to do a little remodeling to rent it, ya’ think?  But there IS a nice bench and a street lamp the city put in front, though.  And I’m glad to see they made use of the white bucket that was there before…haha!

I got this picture as one of the restaurants was throwing out scraps for the sea gulls.  I thought I was in some Alfred Hitchcock remake when they all flew away right towards me!

And I don’t know what this guy had in his mouth…it looked like a piece of rope…

But he still had it when he flew away…

They painted the ledge on the malecon since the last time I was there…

And the posts are all painted a bright pinkish red…

I kind of liked the turquoise of the old ones better…

Which you can still see on the shore…

So I took some souvenirs to keep with my sea glass stash at home.

This guy was making these things with bananas on Medina…I can’t remember what they’re called, but they looked delicious!

The fishing nets always provide great photo ops…

As do the boats…

And, of course, the sunsets…

Buenos noches, Isla…