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Another visit to Puerto Morelos…

Before I go on to more posts about Merida, I’m going to do a little one about Puerto Morelos.  Since my plane got in after 8:00 p.m., I decided to make my first stop Puerto Morelos because it’s not that far from the Cancun airport…about a 20 minute drive.  As I’ve said before, PoMo is a quiet little place…very peaceful and laid back.  The downtown area is only one square block with a few places down some side streets.  It’s definitely nothing close to Playa del Carmen or Isla Mujeres.  But it has its group of fans.  There are many Canadians and Europeans who spend weeks to months here because of its tranquility and solitude.  Another good thing about PoMo is that it’s convenient to get to other places along the coastline.  It’s about two miles from the main highway and a 20 peso taxi ride.  The bus stops right at the highway, so it’s easy to go either direction.  The locals live on the other side of the highway and the coast side is mainly owned by foreigners who either live there or rent out their residences.

Here’s PoMo’s quaint little lighthouse…

Only small boats are allowed on the beach due to the protected coral reefs offshore.

The main pier…

This is the main lighthouse that actually works.

View from the pier…

And looking the other way…

These guys were making the rounds of the beach, but no one seemed to be bothered by them.  They’re just protecting Mexican waters…

My first breakfast was at Pelicanos with a great view…

And of course I had to get Huevos Motulenos.  These were 90 pesos…definitely the highest price I’ve paid for this dish, but I guess you have to take the view into consideration.

This is Habaneros…the only bar in town.  It gets pretty hopping at night and if you have a room at the Posada el Moro just down the street, be prepared to hear the music late into the night.  (A little warning, though…watch out for their Margaritas.)

This is el Pirata…a nice little place to eat.

Their nachos were pretty good.  The vegetarian enchiladas last time I was here were better, though.

A fisherman brought it some of his catch while I was there…blue crab and shrimp…

These guys roam the streets and beach looking for customers eager to hear a song…

Saw them again later on…

You don’t see a whole lot of little children in PoMo.  Mostly Mexican families, but few foreign children (at least the two times I was there).

Gotta love that pacifier…

PoMo tourists consist mainly of retired folks…in their 50s and 60s.  You don’t see many young people at all.

This crazy place is located right next to the Posada el Moro and they were working on it last year when I was there.  Obviously, they’re still working on it.  The desk clerk from the hotel told me they’ve been working on it for four years now…and it still doesn’t look anywhere near being finished.

Fascinating place, though.  The woodwork is incredible and every door and window is different.  I would definitely like to see it when it’s finished…which might be in ten years or so.

PoMo is definitely worth a visit in my humble opinion.  If you’re into adventure and fun, I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you’re looking for a place to kick back and relax with no agenda, PoMo will fit the bill.

7 responses

  1. Jane

    Enjoyed your photos and comments on a place I’ve been curious about for years. And that fantastical play house — ooh, wouldn’t it be fun to stay there!

    March 25, 2011 at 5:07 am

  2. Love all these photos Deb! We need to try PoMo sometime. I love how they carry stuff on their heads. I missed the ultimate photo in Yelapa of a woman walking through the village with a bowl of fruit on her head.

    March 25, 2011 at 5:22 am

  3. Ann

    Another great post–love all the photos! And one more place to add to my wishlist!

    March 25, 2011 at 10:30 am

  4. Helen

    PM is so wonderfully laid back. Some of the time share salesmen from Hidalgo on IM were there and called out to me. That was very funny to see them working in PM. I ate breakfast at Pelicanos every morning but had their special – very reasonable and the view was a great way to start the day. I also splurged and tried John Gray’s place. The food was very good – way too pricey – but almost worth it. I sat at the bar and the bartender made a very unique drink that was great. I also had some wonderful seafood on the beach at my hotel. All in all a terriffic getaway. Oh and a great bookstore on the square.

    March 25, 2011 at 9:19 pm

  5. allthingsarial

    I would love this place, Deb, but hubby would probably be bored. Maybe a solo or girls’ trip sometime…Enjoyed your photos, as always!

    March 26, 2011 at 1:50 pm

  6. Thanks, everyone! Yes, PoMo is definitely not for everyone. You have to pretty much want to do nothing other than eat when you’re there…except for snorkeling. They have one of the best snorkeling spots ever.

    March 26, 2011 at 2:59 pm

  7. enjoyed your photos…I live in POMo now…..

    April 30, 2012 at 5:00 pm

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