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London – Day 2

So my second day in London began with a roaring start by tripping over a freaking cobblestone while walking to the tube station.  I was looking at Google maps on my phone and wasn’t looking where I was walking and next thing I knew I was on the ground. I was more embarrassed than anything, but I did bruise my ribs, so it was kind of a nuisance to deal with for the rest of my trip. I was able to function without any problems, but sleeping was a bit difficult.

One of the best things about visiting London is their transit system. I used the tube the whole time I was there and it was so convenient…and cheap!  I bought a week pass for about $50 USD and it lasted me the whole time I was there…and I used it a lot. I’m a pretty assertive driver, but I would never rent a car in London…the traffic is crazy, the streets are narrow, and the parking is impossible. I lived in Washington, D.C., for four years when I worked at The Washington Post, so I had the advantage of having used the subway system there. It’s very similar to the tube in that it uses color-coded lines, so it didn’t take me long to figure things out in London.  Like Washington, D.C., everyone is very much in a hurry, it’s jam-packed during the rush hour, and no one talks to each other. Pets are allowed on the tube. And they were sweet and very well-behaved.

I had scheduled a tour of the London underground that morning, but I was five minutes late when I exited the Baker Street tube station and no one was around, so I guess I missed it. So I checked Google maps and saw that the Sherlock Holmes museum was just around the corner so that’s where I headed.  Here’s what you see when you exit the Baker Street tube station.  (I’m glad I made it to Baker Street considering Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” was one of my favorite songs when I was in college in the late 70’s.)


The museum is a tiny little place…


…which had a line outside, so it must be pretty popular.  It cost about $20 USD to get in, and it’s interesting but a little on the weird side.

These wax figures are very lifelike and it’s just kind of an eerie and macabre feeling. The rooms are super tiny, but I guess that’s the way it was back then.

This was just down the street, but I didn’t go in.


Interesting building in the area…


I then headed to the National Gallery. This is a HUGE museum and it was packed with people. There are so many different areas it’s almost impossible to see everything in one afternoon…especially when you have bruised ribs and you’re not feeling 100%. It was built in 1824, and the architecture is just incredible.



Here are a few of my favorites.

A view outside the museum…


As you can see, the sky is blue, but there are some clouds up there.  Fifteen minutes later, this happened…


…the  temperature dipped by about 15 degrees and everyone scrambled for cover.  I crossed over the bridge…



…and sought warmth in an Asian restaurant where I could dry off.  (By the way, I’m saving all my food posts until the end in case you’re wondering.) Next up…day three!

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