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Bimbo Dogs

Last day on Isla…

One of the best things about working at a university is that you get two paid weeks off over Christmas and you don’t have to use your vacation time. Sweet. Since it’s been a very busy fall semester, I am now finally able to get to a couple final short blog posts on my trip to Isla Mujeres this past summer. They’re just random shots I took in the last couple of days there.

I decided to have another beach day on my last full day there.


I mostly hung out at this place…which I can’t remember the name of now. It’s just a bit down from where Sergio’s used to be towards Privilege Aluxes. By the way, this is a screen shot taken from Google Maps. It is amazing how you can go almost everywhere on Google Maps now…it’s almost like being there yourself.


It never rained a drop while I was there for the whole two weeks. I wish it would have just to cool things off a bit. So as I was sitting on the beach, I noticed a lot of private boats go by…more than I’ve ever noticed before. I don’t know whether these are chartered or owned, but they sure were nice. And they seem to come so close to shore.



I stopped by Asia Caribe for an appetizer. These spring rolls were very good and the ingredients were very fresh.


This was a new (well, at least to me) gift shop along Rueda Medina.


I don’t know how authentic the items are there, but I liked this little lady. I’m not sure where a person would put this in a home…and it would be really difficult to take on a plane, so I had to pass it up.


I had an early dinner at this place on Rueda Medina, which was also new to me. This is also a Google Maps screen shot since I forgot to take a photo of the front.


I will have to confess that one of the main reasons I went here is because it was air-conditioned. After two weeks in the intense heat, I felt like I had become a puddle of sweat walking around on the island…gross, but true.

Here was the complimentary bread. The pesto/garlic butter was really good, but the bread was pretty crunchy and hard. More like big croutons.


I ordered a sampling of the pasta and it was really good. I wished I had the time to go back and try some other things there.


A final picture of the view from Bally Hoo…

On my last morning, I went to Rooster’s for breakfast.


It was nothing to write home about. I wish I could have gone to the loncherias for my last breakfast but, alas, they weren’t open.


I went back to the apartment to gather up my stuff and say ‘goodbye’ to the neighbor. He didn’t seem to care too much that I was leaving.


The sad final shots as the ferry backs away from the dock.



Lunch at the Cancun airport. Bleah!! And it made me realize I had completely forgotten to get a Bimbo Dog while I was on Isla…oh, no!!!


I will do one more post on the trip of some fun pictures I took with my son’s GoPro camera, so stay tuned for that.

Isla Mujeres Spring Break 2011 – This one’s for Carl…

Here I am on Isla Mujeres again for spring break.  I hadn’t originally planned to come to Isla, but my plans changed, so whaddya do?  Enjoy yourself, of course!

First stop…what else??  Picus!  They don’t give you pico de gallo anymore when you sit down…just the hot verde sauce.

Had to go with the shrimp cocktail to start out with…

I have lots more to report, but one of the first things I wanted to do was get out to the south end since I didn’t go there last time.  I wanted to get some good photographs of the wonderful shoreline there.  It is so incredibly beautiful with the incredible colors…

This is looking out from the Acantilado Restaurant on Punta Sur.  A very nice view although I bet it can get hot out on that patio in the middle of summer.
Sure is pretty, though.  I didn’t eat here…just had a lemonade.

The view at the end of the island is simply breathtaking with the waves crashing on the shore.  It was very windy  the day I was there which you could tell by the waves.

This is looking towards Garrafon from the tip…

And then looking towards the tip from the area where the little gift shops are.  I want a little house with a nice porch right where those “ruins” sit so that I can be the first person in Mexico to see the sun rise.  You think the Isla mayor would be okay with that??

I noticed that the statues had changed since the last time I was there.  OMG, is that a Bimbo Dog on that statue???

And again????

Maybe they thought they needed a new theme to the statues…

Iguana in your face…

This guy was licking up some water on the pavement.  I had no idea there tongues were so red!

I think it must be from the ketchup on Bimbo Dogs.

(Okay, okay…it was a slow day in South Texas and I was playing with Photoshop…just kidding.)

I was searching photos from previous Isla visits today and found this photo I took back in 2007…

For the life of me, I don’t remember seeing all these statues when I was there last month.  I noticed this one was falling apart…it’s from a United States artist.  But I’m thinking that all of these statues are gradually becoming victims to the salt and sea air.

Maybe someday it will look like this…and that would be okay with me.

More Isla to come…