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Last day on Isla…

One of the best things about working at a university is that you get two paid weeks off over Christmas and you don’t have to use your vacation time. Sweet. Since it’s been a very busy fall semester, I am now finally able to get to a couple final short blog posts on my trip to Isla Mujeres this past summer. They’re just random shots I took in the last couple of days there.

I decided to have another beach day on my last full day there.


I mostly hung out at this place…which I can’t remember the name of now. It’s just a bit down from where Sergio’s used to be towards Privilege Aluxes. By the way, this is a screen shot taken from Google Maps. It is amazing how you can go almost everywhere on Google Maps now…it’s almost like being there yourself.


It never rained a drop while I was there for the whole two weeks. I wish it would have just to cool things off a bit. So as I was sitting on the beach, I noticed a lot of private boats go by…more than I’ve ever noticed before. I don’t know whether these are chartered or owned, but they sure were nice. And they seem to come so close to shore.



I stopped by Asia Caribe for an appetizer. These spring rolls were very good and the ingredients were very fresh.


This was a new (well, at least to me) gift shop along Rueda Medina.


I don’t know how authentic the items are there, but I liked this little lady. I’m not sure where a person would put this in a home…and it would be really difficult to take on a plane, so I had to pass it up.


I had an early dinner at this place on Rueda Medina, which was also new to me. This is also a Google Maps screen shot since I forgot to take a photo of the front.


I will have to confess that one of the main reasons I went here is because it was air-conditioned. After two weeks in the intense heat, I felt like I had become a puddle of sweat walking around on the island…gross, but true.

Here was the complimentary bread. The pesto/garlic butter was really good, but the bread was pretty crunchy and hard. More like big croutons.


I ordered a sampling of the pasta and it was really good. I wished I had the time to go back and try some other things there.


A final picture of the view from Bally Hoo…

On my last morning, I went to Rooster’s for breakfast.


It was nothing to write home about. I wish I could have gone to the loncherias for my last breakfast but, alas, they weren’t open.


I went back to the apartment to gather up my stuff and say ‘goodbye’ to the neighbor. He didn’t seem to care too much that I was leaving.


The sad final shots as the ferry backs away from the dock.



Lunch at the Cancun airport. Bleah!! And it made me realize I had completely forgotten to get a Bimbo Dog while I was on Isla…oh, no!!!


I will do one more post on the trip of some fun pictures I took with my son’s GoPro camera, so stay tuned for that.

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  1. Jim and Shirley Pilus

    Oh, I am glad you added more. I love reading about your adventure and I love the beautiful colors of your adventure, it’s so happy and cheerful. Thanks for sharing.

    December 29, 2014 at 2:11 am

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