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Back to Isla Mujeres…day maybe 12 or 13??

So now I’m back from Puerto Morelos and I just have a couple more days left on my vacation. I pretty much just totally lazed back and did nothing. The heat had a lot to do with that decision. Anyway, I will backtrack just a little bit before PoMo to say that it was kind of fun to be in Mexico during the World Cup. Not being an avid sports fan, I didn’t even know this was happening until I got down here and saw all the commotion. When Mexico was playing, it was a big deal. This is what I saw when I went down to the beach.




I had to google Platte River…it’s in Nebraska.


They had two huge TVs out on the sand…


This is the first group in front of the TVs…


And this is the second group behind the first group…


And this was the “band.” These guys/gals really kept up the beat between the drums and the horn blowing. There was not a moment of quiet during this game. Unfortunately, Mexico lost…I was bummed about that…along with the rest of Mexico.


Okay, so I didn’t really keep track very well of my photos on the last couple of days on the island, so the last posts on my vacation will just be a kind of collection of this and that.

More food! This is my mojito at Cubano’s.  It’s funny, but when I’d take my computer to restaurants and work on my photos, many times I’d see that the servers were standing behind me looking at the photos I was working on.  After all…it’s their home.


As most of you already know, Vivian moved from a side street onto the main drag of Hidalgo.   As a result, Cubano’s is larger and offers more on the menu now, to include drinks. I’m a big fan of the Cubano sandwich, so that’s what I had. It was good, but I wasn’t a fan of the chips.


I was able to catch up with a regular of the area…


As well as a couple more locals that I hadn’t see before…



Here’s a shrimp cocktail at Muelle 7. Wonderful. I wonder why more places in the United States don’t offer this.


My favorite jewelry place on the island. As long as I’ve been going, it’s always been purple.


I was having fish and chips at Bally Hoo one day (absolutely wonderful)…


…and took these pics. I guess these women were from Cancun, but I have to wonder why someone would come to Isla and only buy something from Senor Frog’s. Other than going in to cool off because it’s one of the few places that has air conditioning, I would never buy anything from them.


This was the new popular T-Shirt…I’m not a fan.


I love the colors of Café Cito, but I never went there for breakfast even though it was across the street from where I stayed this time.


I had some spring rolls at an Asian plane on Hidalgo…I can’t remember the name. They were very good and they gave me a free sampling of the cabbage appetizer.


Back to the beach for some shots. I love the old boats on the island. I can just imagine all the miles they’ve put in out on the beautiful sea.


I switched settings on my camera on this one.


But the colors are too beautiful to ignore here. I like these better.




I was walking by the Mundaca real estate office one day and took the following pictures. They’re not the best because they were taken through glass and the sun was reflecting on the windows, but you can get an idea of what is being offered now.

I didn’t get the price on two of them, but none of them were cheap by any means. You can always call the real estate office for more details!






I still have more last-day Isla photos to share, so stay tuned.

2 responses

  1. jamqueenann

    The restaurant is called Asia Caribe –I love their food & also Qubano’s. Vivian has an amazing frozen lemonade! Great photos, Deb!

    October 6, 2014 at 12:17 pm

  2. Asia Caribe…I couldn’t remember the name for the life of me. Thanks, Ann!

    October 6, 2014 at 11:31 pm

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