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Puerto Morelos…dia numeros dos…

I’m doing one more post on Puerto Morelos before I finish up on Isla Mujeres on my trip. Like I’ve said, PoMo is a very small town and this is the main square in the tiny downtown area. It hasn’t changed since the first time I saw it and the fountain with Chichen Itza in the middle still isn’t working. It would be really cute if they could get it to function, but it’s probably not going to happen.


This place has been under construction since my first visit. The manager at the Posada el Moro told me once that it was supposed to be a bar/restaurant. Obviously that never happened.



It must be used now for some activities, but I have no clue what they are. Maybe someone could clue me in as to its current use. I’m just glad it’s being used for something. It certainly is an unusual structure.


Here’s the pier off the downtown area.


And off to the right of that. There are no large boats here. They are very strict about protecting the coral reef offshore, so they don’t allow any big boats on shore.


But they do allow them out at sea. This is a very long-distance shot of a cruise ship going by, so it’s not a very good quality. I’ve never been on a cruise ship before. It has never appealed to me to be restricted to a boat…I’d rather explore on land.


And I guess I prefer the quaintness of these kinds of boats.8

Just some shots around town. Here’s a gift shop.


I’m not sure what this was, but I liked the tile work.


This is what I had for dinner the night before. It was okay. Kind of unusual to have turkey slices with a hamburger.


More musicians traipsing through the heat. I really have to hand it to these guys. I would never have the perseverance to do this.


An early morning shot of the beach.


I like this sidewalk.


These guys were anxiously hanging out at the doorway to the corner OXXO (a small convenience store).


They were happy when their owner came out.


Interesting wares for sale in this shop.


And some more unique concrete wall art. This time it’s anchors.


A colorful restaurant…


I really like this wall of wine bottles…what a unique idea. I’m going to have to assemble a collection to do something like this. More wine, garcon!


Here’s the local church. Like I’ve said before, I love the churches in Mexico. They’re peaceful, serene, pretty and welcoming.



I don’t know what the streamers mean, if anything.


Here’s a rear view. I love the round stained glass window.


Here’s a new OXXO that was built right as you get into the town.


So now it’s time to leave PoMo. Here I am at the bus stop waiting for my bus. You see all sorts of people at the bus stops. The Asian woman with the baby stroller was a tiny little thing, and she was wearing this shift-type dress that looked like it was about six sizes larger than she was. She sat across the aisle from me in the bus and her little toddler was the sweetest little thing ever. She didn’t make a peep the whole trip and just sat by mom quietly. I will have to say that I’ve taken lots of bus trips in Mexico and many have been with small children. They have always been quiet…I can’t remember a single time when a small child has been whiny, crying or obnoxious.


I took this picture on a bus trip to Valladolid a few years back. He, too, was quiet as a mouse the whole trip…and what a cutie.


Here are just some shots of the scenery along the way back to Cancun.





So here we are back at the Cancun bus station. I am always amazed at how these bus drivers can maneuver these big buses. Between driving through crazy Mexican traffic where everyone is driving like maniacs and then pulling into tiny parking spaces, I give them big kudos.


Here’s the bus station.


And outside the bus station while I’m looking for a taxi.


And inside the taxi looking at the speedometer. These guys drive like they’re on their way to a fire, but you get used to it. Remember that this is kilometers per hour, so that makes it a little bit better, but this is driving through town…not on an interstate highway, so they definitely haul ass.


And, as you can see, they’re not in the best shape. That’s okay. They get you from point A to point B alive, so that’s the main thing.


Here we are at Gran Puerto waiting to buy my ferry ticket.


Goodbye, Cancun!


Oh, Lord…they had a couple of musicians, one of which was an Elvis imitator. Yuck…I don’t like listening to these guys when I’m on the ferry. Especially when you’re made to feel obligated to pay them.


I just want to hear waves against the boat and see the beautiful water. But it is what it is.


Final posts on Isla coming up.

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