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On to Akumal…

Not being really happy with Tulum, I decided on a whim to head up to Akumal and made last-minute arrangements on-line the day before I got there.  I’ve been through Akumal briefly a couple of times, but have never stayed there.  I already did a post about the condo, but I’ll reiterate that it really was a very comfortable place and it was nice having a kitchen.

There were two things that were just a little disappointing.  There was no cable TV…they had a TV and a DVD player…but it wasn’t hooked up to cable.  When the website said there was a TV, I automatically thought it meant they had cable, so that was my error.  On the other hand, the internet connection was excellent so that made up for it.  The other thing I missed is that it didn’t have any kind of outdoor balcony.  It had a nice big window that looked out to the sea between the two neighboring condos, but it would have been nice to be able to sit outside.  Nonetheless, it was a great place and I would highly recommend it.  The maintenance staff was incredibly efficient and everything was very clean and well-kept.  It was $75US per night.  There were three women from the rental website who were extremely helpful and friendly, and offered ideas of things to see in the area.  They also communicated with me before Hurricane Ernesto struck, informing me that if it became serious, they would find accommodations in Valladolid.  That was very reassuring.  Thank you, Lisa, Jill and Toni!

One thing they told me was there there was a little cenote just across the street from the condo.  How cool is that?

While it may not be one of the cenotes that people drive miles to see, it’s still interesting to find out that there are so many all over the Yucatan.  See the big fish?

The plants really flourish down here.  The Hibiscus bushes are huge…much bigger than my little potted ones in Texas.

I went into town and needed something from the little store.  I think it’s funny that you can buy eggs by the egg in Mexico..ha!  “I’ll take one egg, please.”

Even though Ernesto wasn’t due for another day, the winds were starting to kick up and dark clouds were appearing on the horizon, so there weren’t a whole lot of people in the water.

I stopped at Lol Ha for lunch and had a cold one while I waited for my meal.  I wish I could always have this view for lunch…

This time, I had a scallop po’ boy.  I LOVE po’ boys, so I was really excited about this since I had never seen one before on a Mexican menu.  Here we go…

It was excellent.  The corn meal breading was perfect and the sauce was very authentic.  Definitely a thumbs up.

So when I left Lol Ha, I passed by a real estate office and took some pictures of the ads in the window.  Kind of interesting to see the large range of prices for places in Akumal.

I could see myself living here…

You own this place for one week for $14,000???  Seriously?  Who would do that?  That seems crazy to me even if you have money to throw away.  Unless I’m misunderstanding this, I could think of about a million other things to spend $14,000 on.

Way more reasonable…

I was surprised to see my condo was for sale.  I like it, but I don’t know if I’d pay that for it.

And MUCH more reasonable.  Hmmm…wonder what it looks like inside.

Obligatory toes in Akumal sand photo…

Beach shot before Ernesto came calling…

And my cochonito pibil at La Buena Vida which is a restaurant on Half Moon Bay.  Very good.

One more post to come on Akumal before the death of my camera.

2 responses

  1. Looking forward to that last Akumal post. We’ve decided to spend some time there in November. I settled on a condo on Half Moon Bay that’s in the building with the $349,000 condo for sale in your photos. I’m mulling extending the 5 nights to a week. The condo has bike rentals, so I figure that’ll be a great way to get around Akumal in November! I also think we’ll rent a car for at least one day to see the ruins in Coba and Tulum. I’m excited because it’s a different destination! : )

    August 31, 2012 at 3:17 pm

  2. Beck…I sent you an e-mail at the aol address noted in my notification about your post. I hope you get it. If not, e-mail me at

    August 31, 2012 at 3:38 pm

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