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Valladolid – Day One

I’ve been to Valladolid before, so I’m going to just do a quick post on the city.  I’ve never stayed at the Meson del Marques before, however, and I’m glad I did.  It’s a wonderful hotel right on the main square, so it’s convenient to everything.  You can’t tell much from the front entrance, but that’s how these old Mexican cities are.  The building facades are very plain, but there’s a lot going on behind them.


I loved my room with the tile floor and the big door that opened up. There wasn’t a porch there, but it made the room seem so much more open and light.


Looking the other way…


Here’s the bathroom.  Even though I don’t use them, a bathtub is a real luxury in basic rooms in Mexico.


Here’s the pool…


And this is the view from my balcony…it overlooks the restaurant in the lobby.  They had a female singer/flamenco dancer the first night I was there.  It was nice to have that in the background while I was working on the blog.


When I looked to the left, I could see the main church in the square…


And here’s what it looked like at night.  I could have definitely stayed here for awhile.


I love the architecture of these old Mexican cities…especially the vivid colors and the huge old doors.




Here’s the main cathedral…


And the altar inside…


I was lucky enough to arrive on a Sunday afternoon, so I was able to check out the local fare on the main square.






I have no ideas what these are…



I decided to have try dinner at this place…


And I had to try to cochinita pibil…the local specialty.  It was very good!


The next morning, I went downstairs for breakfast to find these guys rearranging the gates in the garden area.  They were having a hard time figuring out how to put them back so that they all fit in the right places…but they worked it out.


Here’s the view of my room doorway from my seat at the restaurant.  I figured it was okay to keep the doors open while I was downstairs.


The hotel provides a complimentary breakfast to guests.  I had the Huevos Mexicanos, which was very good…in addition to the excellent coffee.


My trip to Ek Balam is next!

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  1. Jennette

    I will also be visiting Valladolid for an overnight visit after leaving Isla Holbox before heading to Merida. I have already booked this same hotel so I am very happy to read your comments on how well you liked it. Thanks for sharing your story and photos.

    September 10, 2016 at 2:46 am

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