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Isla…dia tres…

Okay, so I know I’m a bit behind on the posting.  Please cut me some slack…after all, I’m in paradise.  Besides that, I’m starting to adapt to island life where everything runs much more slowly.  It’s something I could easily get used to.

So, yesterday, I had breakfast at La Cazuela M&J.  They’re noted for their cazuelas which are various versions of an egg dish cooked and served in a small cast iron skillet.  They are very good, but they’re BIG and much more than I have an appetite for in the morning.


I opted for the Huevos Maya, which was a perfect size.  I posted this on Facebook with the comment that the thing that looks like a cornbread muffin is actually a little pile of potatoes.  Wanda replied, “Mashbrowns! Love them!” Haha!  That’s exactly what they are…potatoes mashed into a little square.  Thanks, Wanda.


M&J’s is a really cute little place and is only open for breakfast and lunch…no dinner.


Remember when they used to be located outside the Roca Mar Hotel?  It was hot sitting out in the morning sun there eating hot cazuelas! Even though you don’t get a view of the sea while eating at their new location, it’s a much nicer place now.


Speaking of their old location, this is what is there now.


And this is where I was for three hours today getting my hair highlighted.  I kid you not…three hours.  She did an absolutely wonderful job and I just love the color.  Here was my view from the chair.


And here are the results.  I guess I’ll have to come back in six months for a touch up.


I needed some libation after this, so I stopped by Picus to get my shrimp cocktail and a cold one.


The Mexican ladies at the table next to me were feeding the seagulls with their leftovers so I joined in.  (Are these seagulls?  I’m not really sure.) These guys can really get scrappy with one another when food is involved.


Then another quick walk down the beach.  There is virtually no seaweed on the island.  I don’t know whether they remove it in the early hours of the morning, or whether they just don’t have a problem with it.  The beach at Puerto Morelos just down the coast always has a lot of seaweed.



Dinner was at a place I’d never tried before.


Spinach and cheese ravioli.  It was okay.  The prices were really high, but I’m finding that all the prices have gone way up since in the last time I was here.  No more dollar beers, that’s for sure.


Okay, so I know this was somewhat of a lame post, so I’ll have to get on the ball.  I’m leaving right now to get some pics of the town so I don’t get fired from my blogging job.  See you later!

2 responses

  1. Deb, SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!! Hope you have a great trip despite the heat and higher prices. Have you noticed that there are no beach vendors? So sad. I read that they were cleaning sea weed from the beaches to try to get mercy from the local government to allow them to sell again.

    I miss the old M&J. I loved breakfast overlooking the water. Thanks for blogging! Helen

    June 21, 2014 at 12:05 am

  2. Deb, you missed the seaweed. We skipped the beach for 3 or 4 days in May because it stunk too much and they weren’t hauling it off. I’m so glad you’re blogging again and having a great time! Love your photos!

    June 22, 2014 at 12:01 am

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