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Where is Deb now??

I am behind on posts, but that’s okay.  When I get home, I’ll be able to add things I didn’t have time to do on the trip…like the Grand Cenote and Tulum.  For tonight, I’m just doing a simple post on my new digs.  I posted a picture on facebook of where I’m staying and I got a question as to what was on the bed.  As a frequent traveler to Mexico, I’ve gotten used (and almost expect) towel art on the beds and in the bathrooms.  This isn’t the norm for hotels north of the border other than maybe making the end of a toilet roll into a point as opposed to leaving it straight.  Mexicans take their towel art seriously and are very good at it.

But let’s get back to the beginning of this post.  Here is where I got off the bus and had about a quarter mile traipse to the taxi area to take me to my new digs.

Let me give you a little history of the morning when I thought I would have a leisurely breakfast and have plenty of time to catch a bus to the mystery destination.  I was going through shops and taking my time, then stopped at the ADO bus station in Tulum to purchase my ticket to ____.  I was informed it left in 10 minutes, otherwise I would have to wait for another two hours.  Sh**!!!  I should have researched this beforehand.  So I rush back to my hotel which is about three blocks away to grab my stuff and get the heck out of there.  Luckily, I had packed pretty much everything up so it was just a matter of stuffing some minor stuff into the suitcase and throwing my keys at the desk clerk and running out the door.  I get there right at the time the bus is supposed to be there, but of course, it’s not there and doesn’t appear until 20 minutes later.  In the meantime, I’m sweating buckets in the million degree heat for running three blocks there and back and must look like a crazy woman.  My bus finally appears and it’s only me and another guy who gets on board.  This is not an ADO’s a Mayab bus.  Mayab buses are definitely not as upscale as ADO buses.  They may not have chickens sitting next to you, but the other guy who got on board with me stuffed basketfulls of produce in the luggage department, so it’s not far off.  No movies on this bus and the air conditioning consists of open windows.  I sat next to a Guatemalen guy who kept looking at me like I must be sick or something because I was so freaking hot from running the six blocks and kept wiping my face off with a cloth.  He probably thought I had some ebola virus or something that I caught in some Mexican village somewhere and was totally contagious.  I think he was very glad when I got off the bus.

So…let’s get back to those new digs!

It’s really nice having a condo as opposed to a hotel room because of the convenience of having a fridge, microwave, dinner and silver ware, etc.  This was a last-minute choice on-line and I lucked out.  It’s pretty much like a little home and I told the person I made the arrangements with that I’m not moving out.  She thinks I’m kidding.  Okay…I am.  But, seriously, this would be a very comfortable place to spend a long time.  It’s very clean and completely equipped.

Now we get to the towel art.  Here’s the swan art on the bed…

Toilet paper art…

Wash cloth and hand towel art…

Kleenex art…

Kitchen hand towel art…

Spare toilet paper roll art…

I’ll have to say, they outdid themselves.  I’ve never seen it to this extent and I have to hand it to them.

Onto other aspects of the property, this is what you see when you step out the door…it’s on the second floor of a two unit property.  The first floor property has two double beds.

This is what the building looks like.  Very nice.

They also have a condo unit right next door.  The grounds are extremely well-kept.

This view is a few steps away to the left…

And to the right…

Lots of fossilized rocks dead coral (thanks, Lisa) on this beach…

I wonder how many thousands of years this lighter has been floating around…haha!

Like I said…it’s convenient having a fridge and the conveniences.  Here’s what’s for breakfast tomorrow…

And the owner has provided some pretty nice wine glasses…sweet.

So…does anyone know where I’m staying??

3 responses

  1. jamqueenann

    I have no idea where you are, but the towel & tissue creations are great! I’ve gotten use to the towels on the bed & the hand towels & wash cloth art, but never seen the tissue ones!

    August 6, 2012 at 10:48 am

  2. Gil Garcia

    Playa Blanca Casitas, Half Moon Bay, Akumal?

    August 6, 2012 at 1:17 pm

  3. Cheater! I already told you where I was going! But I didn’t tell you I was at the Playa Blanca Casitas, so I’ll give you that much. You only get half the prize money.

    August 6, 2012 at 1:36 pm

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