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Luz en Yucatan…

This will be my last post on Merida for now.  I want to eventually do a post or two on black and white in Merida, but for now I will conclude with a short post on the hotel where I stayed.

The Luz en Yucatan is the one with the gold facade.  I wish I would have gotten a front-on shot but this will have to do.  Looks pretty plain and unassuming, right?

It is such a pleasant surprise when you go inside.  This is the foyer area right when you go in the front door.

Amazing ceiling…

You can either go through this courtyard or an inner hallway to get to the office and area where the rooms are.

Fountain at the end of this walkway…

This is the main hallway with rooms on both sides.  This leads to the courtyard and pool on the backside of the hotel.  See that little beverage table to the left?  It is equipped with tequila and various liquors which are complimentary for guests.  Very cool.

This is that hallway going the other way towards the street.

And here’s the courtyard and pool.  A VERY relaxing area after a day of tromping around Merida.  I’ve mentioned before that Merida is a concrete jungle.  But it makes up for that with these little oases that are hidden in the recesses of the concrete facades.

This is standing at the pool looking back at the hotel.  These rooms have nice little outdoor areas…

I had the room above the umbrella in the distance.  You walk up the steps into the kitchen and bathroom area…then walk through a little patio to get to the bedroom.  Adorable!

This was the bathroom door.  How cool is that??

And this was the view from the little patio.  Every room has a hammock.

The Luz en Yucatan is a wonderful, comfortable hotel.  The pool and courtyard offer a beautiful respite from the Merida heat and the owners are very friendly.  At only $50 a night, I would highly recommend it.  Be aware that this is becoming a very popular hotel and they are already booked throughout much of the year, so if you’re interested, you might want to make your reservation well in advance.  Another good thing is that they don’t require any kind of advance payment before you check in.  You just have to pay in cash when you get there…they don’t accept credit cards.  Here’s their website:  Luz en Yucatan

On to Isla Mujeres next.  Stay tuned!

3 responses

  1. Ann

    What a beautiful oasis! I wrote the name down–if I ever get to Merida, it looks like a great place to stay!

    April 7, 2011 at 11:30 am

  2. I just bookmarked that one! Craig and I might take a few days and go to Merida on our November/December trip, so we’d need a reasonable hotel! Thanks Deb!

    April 7, 2011 at 2:30 pm

  3. I just edited this post to include reservation information. If you guys eventually do intend to stay there, be sure to request a room with a patio or balcony. Their interior rooms are nice and big, but it’s just a little more pleasant to have a small outdoor space available with a room.

    April 7, 2011 at 3:49 pm

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